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L'importante è che non rompa il cazzo...
Along with Mao he share the historical role of night-talking friend. I started to drink and smoke with him and i'll never forgive him for it. More a bulldozer then a man.

UPDATE: Stuart was a fotographer, part time the clerk of a taback store, full time a tabagist. Then he had the whim of courses: video technician, film making, cinema. Latest news about him lead to Parma, where he attend a course i di not even understand the meaning. Everywhere he shall be, he surely have a cigarette in his mouth.

Sul tetto
What the hell shall i say about him? He's able to be useless as far as indispensable. He walks in a parallel dimension. He lives on a oblique plain from our reality. At times his dimension and our collides, but he always see things from a different  angle. At times unbelievably clearer, at times absolutely incomprehensible.
Oblique, that is.

UPDATE: He was getting a PHD in filosophy, then renounced after finishing exams. Worked as a tuesday vampire: every tuesday at 6AM he drove blood packs from outposts to ER. Latest news tell he's working as Sommelier in a restaurant.
LAST TIME SIGHT: may 2002, in the green outside a library, faking to be ten years younger to charm some young girls. We planned about an evening night "like old times" we will never do.

You know cats? Well, Ale is a cat. Funny, egoist, smart and always on the run... Never try to beat him!

UPDATE: We lost each other for some years, then we met again on a tennis field ("with that ACE i will seal the match...") where we had again reason to laugh together. And then, some gossip: he started a relation with Sabrina, my first unforgiven love! Well, folks, you two make a really good pair :)))