Skorpio's Home Page

You will randomly find some strange people appearing here and there in my stories.
Let me introduce you some of them.

First thing you see about that guy is that he weights between 190 and 290 lbs, depending from seasons. Second thing that he's sharp as weighty. Owns a so smart brain that sometimes he have to pretend banal to recover communications with ppl. The most complex person i know, over me. If i have to define him i'd have to say 'a genius', but sounds too comic so let's go straight...

UPDATE: He quit drinking, stopped smoking, left in general. Last time i heard him he was making CDROMs filled with publicitary images...
LAST TIME SIGHT: may 2002, in a very expensive chinese restaurant. He quitted with his fiancee after 4 years, started back smoking after 2 years of abstinence, lost 90 puonds and buy a custom with tank and fenders painted in elecrtic blue.

Figure a pair of cowboy boots and a black 205 Puegot named China with a guitar in the trunk. U'll still have understood nothing about G, but U will be yet enjoyng. The most fair person i know, over me. A word should never be enough to define him. Two would be too much.

UPDATE: He pretend to be some years older, but he's not succeding that much in it.
LAST TIME SIGHT: summer 2002. In a swimming pool, twice per week. He quitted smoking, lost somewhere his guitar and always find astonishing new videogames.