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She's from Filippines. She's been adopted. Had a bounch for her an median schools, been her friend at secondary school. She had the talent to mix an intense soul to a pragmatic mind, ready to face everything. A person to trust. Saying i like her is saying nothing. One of the most smart women i ever met.

UPDATE: Artistic Dance and beatiful guys, Mucy never left her passions. Seen her some weeks ago after three years or so. Gave back her a pair of videotapes and got back my black cowboy hat.
LAST TIME SIGHT: end of 200, on the phone. She got married, put her head on track. Who knows, maybe she's already spreading children around...

Another of the smartest girl i ever met. We had a short affair when i was 16. I betrayed her with another and confessed it. We broke. Phoned me back 8 years later. From that day we see and meet irregularly but with a lot of pleasure. She's sweet as she's strong. She never left herself and who's around her. When life pulls she stomp feet, if life slow down she gain to deepen. What i never understood is what i exactely feel for her. The term "friendship" does not fit. Anything it shall be, it is much.

UPDATE: She found, then lost, then found again a very interesting guy. In the menawhile she nearly ended PHD in architecture and furnished a house. Where is her now? Mah, i ask it to myself too at times...