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I split world population into three categories: those I like, those I do not like and those i do not know yet. I whish a nice trip for those I do not like, but if I can chose I'll take another carriage. About those I do not know yet, being welcomed the chance to met and stare each other's eyes, tie and jacket on a work project or through the glass of a beer, or among the sparks of a firecamp and the notes of a guitar.
Let's talk about those who I like. I am glad to see them. Here's a point about when we go out for fun: to have things working fine, everything must be natural, with no expectations. I mean: if I go out for fun, I do that since I want to do that. And all i hope is that he's doing the same. Something I really can't stand is when people think a friendship is an obligation to see each other, ear each other or go out together on regular basis. Scheduling is useful on working fields, to get to defined results in a defined time. To have fun, fuck off any scheduling. I will call when I want to, and you will do the same. If we want to see seven days a week, will be so. If we want to once a year, will be so. Going out with someone since "it's Saturday" or because "I do not see him from so long, I fear he shall be offended" is a grass that does not grow in my garden. I never call a friend since I do not hear him from so long. I call 'cause I want to hear him.

Stefano Re © 1997
from Tracce